Monday, May 3, 2010

Taking The Stage

Last term, after our Seven Scenes in Seven Days project (that brought us Handicapped Stall), I decided to extend the assignment on my own. I wrote a new scene each day for about another week and a half.

Stars In Her Eyes is based on found drama. Sometime in late February, there was a story circulating in the tabloids that Matthew Fox had an affair with a stipper in Bend, Oregon. The story was quickly denied and the story seemed to die, unlike the Tiger Woods and Jesse James scandals.

I never believed the story. As a fan of Matthew Fox, I was very certain that the story wasn't real. However, it made me think, "It was probably some guy who looked like Matthew Fox." We may never know what did or didn't happen (and it's not really any business of mine) but I liked the idea of taking the found drama and turning it into a story.

I've submitted my proposal and will be working on the rewrite for this week. I'm excited to be starting a new story and look forward to developing my idea even further.


  1. i just go the link, and i guess i can comment but i am not able to be an administrator?

  2. Fun Megan! Thank you for sharing where your idea came from. Very catchy.