Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Title

The original title for this script was "Famous Movie Star" which I think is also the title of a movie with Jessica Simpson (or maybe it's Major Movie Star?). Anyway, I wanted something different so I stole the title "Stars In Her Eyes" from another screenplay I've been developing. The title fits this script better than the other. Even still, I'm wondering if I want to change the title.

My first thought for the new title is "Three Girls in A Bar" or "Three Girls and A Bar." I'm not sure if that works because they're not technically in a bar. Hmmmmm.

What do you think? Any ideas for a new title?


  1. I actually really like "Stars in her Eyes" I dont feel like it's too much or forced. Very complimentary. I'm not feeling Girls in the Bars... Im not a huge fan of titles that count out number of characters or that state the obvious. I feel like " a bar" would dumb down the fun witty write you have going and make it feel like an over used joke (like: '3 girls walked into the bar and we wonder why the first two didnt warn the last')!

  2. I agree, the current title is stronger and more meaningful. Technically she has $ in her eyes by the end. Stars in Her Eyes captures the whimsical romance of the piece and also ties to the less than romantic setting.

  3. i still can't write on main blog page, so hopefully people will still find this post.

    Megan should have another draft by Thursday for rehearsal. I also have found boas, which should be a fun thing to add to the performance.

    If everyone could make sure to read over the script they have before Thursday it would be great. It would be nice if everyone already had a general idea of their character before we do a run through.