Thursday, May 27, 2010

Second Rehearsal

I can't believe we present on Monday! That's in four days. I'm excited. I'd love another full rewrite but I am totally fine with not having one. Thanks everyone for their comments especially Sam who reminded me that the characters are there on the surface, but the deeper elements of the characters aren't on the page. This gives me something to think about.

I would love more rehearsals simply because it's been great to see and hear the characters come to life. I'm excited to have a wonderful piece that just keeps getting even better.

Thank you everyone for your input and insight into my story. I know Monday will be awesome.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

First Rehearsal

Thank you all so much for the reading today. Everyone was amazing and it as so fun to hear a voice connected to the characters in my head. The feedback was wonderful too. Every time there was a laugh, I put a check mark next to the line on my copy and I am grateful that there were lots of check marks. I am looking forward to rewriting this weekend and fixing some of the things you all suggested. And thank you also for the feedback on the ending and Donna's connection to the real Derek.

Big thanks to Ralph and Stephen for joining the cast as the narrator and Derek. You were great. I am so excited to see how this is coming together.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Figured out how to post. Yay me. Anyways, here is a comment I left under Megan's last post:

Megan should have another draft by Thursday for rehearsal. I also have found boas, which should be a fun addition to the performance.

If everyone could make sure to read over the script they have before Thursday it would be great. It would be nice if everyone already had a general idea of their character before we do a run through.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Title

The original title for this script was "Famous Movie Star" which I think is also the title of a movie with Jessica Simpson (or maybe it's Major Movie Star?). Anyway, I wanted something different so I stole the title "Stars In Her Eyes" from another screenplay I've been developing. The title fits this script better than the other. Even still, I'm wondering if I want to change the title.

My first thought for the new title is "Three Girls in A Bar" or "Three Girls and A Bar." I'm not sure if that works because they're not technically in a bar. Hmmmmm.

What do you think? Any ideas for a new title?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Taking The Stage

Last term, after our Seven Scenes in Seven Days project (that brought us Handicapped Stall), I decided to extend the assignment on my own. I wrote a new scene each day for about another week and a half.

Stars In Her Eyes is based on found drama. Sometime in late February, there was a story circulating in the tabloids that Matthew Fox had an affair with a stipper in Bend, Oregon. The story was quickly denied and the story seemed to die, unlike the Tiger Woods and Jesse James scandals.

I never believed the story. As a fan of Matthew Fox, I was very certain that the story wasn't real. However, it made me think, "It was probably some guy who looked like Matthew Fox." We may never know what did or didn't happen (and it's not really any business of mine) but I liked the idea of taking the found drama and turning it into a story.

I've submitted my proposal and will be working on the rewrite for this week. I'm excited to be starting a new story and look forward to developing my idea even further.